Written in the Stars

The story of Grace and Max begins in New Haven, CT, where they found themselves assigned to the same five-person learning team in business school. Max was immediately taken with Grace's unmistakable intellect and passion, and Grace found the combination she'd always been dreaming of: three parts Patrick Dempsey; one part barking seal laugh. After six months of working together and silently falling further, the pair finally succumbed to their own gravity. A star-lit kiss in the Jordanian desert set them on a path that felt years in the making.


After several months of adventuring post-graduation, Grace and Max settled into their new life together in the West Village of NYC. Together, they found a love for urban farming (yes, they've managed to grow several vegetable varietals on their patio), woodworking, dog watching, and scouring NYC for their favorite Italian wines. 

On a cloudy, but perfect day in August, Max took Grace by boat to their favorite cove on Lake Keowee, where he proposed. The lake was a perfect spot for their engagement because it's such a special place to them as a couple. Max grew up spending summers at his family's lake house and has hosted friends from all phases of life for weekend getaways. Grace first experienced the magic of Lake Keowee on her 28th birthday weekend, and after witnessing Max's ability to dock a boat in heavy wakes, she knew she had found her co-captain.


Grace and Max cannot wait to have their family and friends together at the lake to celebrate this next phase of their life together!

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